Sensory Integration Nature Camp

Sensory Integration Nature Camp for Autistic and ADHD children

Therapeutic Nature Immersion is based on the belief that being in nature has a healing effect on humans. Our Therapeutic Nature Immersion program combines the healing properties of unstructured flow time in nature, as well as therapeutic interactions utilizing nature as teacher and metaphor and a wellness curriculum designed to deepen relationship with self, nature, and loved ones. Our Therapeutic Nature Immersion programs are designed to foster emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and awareness and to improve connection with oneself, within the family and with nature. Recent research is proving what we have known intuitively and observed in the field: people learn best when they are having fun and moving their bodies; Everything will be taught in the spirit of play and fun! Remember that all of our Therapeutic Nature Immersion programs are held completely outdoors; make sure you and your child are okay with that. You will be required to dress for the weather and have extra clothing on hand.

Sensory Integration Nature Camp is a unique new therapeutic model designed by Cedarsong Nature School to complement the physical, occupational and speech therapy that is commonly prescribed for children diagnosed with autism. Sensory Integration Nature Camp for Autistic and ADHD children is based first on the idea that autism is a sensory processing disorder and second on the premise that children of all abilities benefit emotionally, physically and mentally from regular unstructured outdoor time.

Autism is often described as a sensory processing disorder or sensory integration dysfunction. Traditional sensory integration therapy is a type of occupational therapy specifically designed to stimulate and challenge all of the senses. During the session, the therapist works closely with the child to encourage movement. The aim of traditional sensory integration therapy is to improve the ability of the brain to process sensory information so that the child will function better in his or her daily activities. During sensory integration therapy, the child performs an activity that combines sensory input with motion.cns__outdoor_preschool_site

Sensory Integration Nature Camp for Autistic and ADHD children combines the principles of sensory integration therapy with nature immersion and replaces the indoor space with a natural outdoor setting. Although this form of therapy is new, the general premise that regular outdoor time benefits all children’s emotional, physical, and mental health is becoming widely accepted. Several promising studies have found that a dose of nature works as well or better than a dose of medication on ADHD-diagosed children’s ability to concentrate.

Sensory Integration Nature Camp for Autistic and ADHD children is designed to immerse autism spectrum and ADHD children in the natural world. Magnifying glasses, binoculars, bug boxes, and art supplies encourage your child to interact with nature. Counselors guide children to find their own unique way of expressing themselves in nature. Therapy sessions often include free-form musical jams where your child can participate in making music and learning earth-based songs.

Sensory Integration Nature Camp for Autistic and ADHD children sessions can be scheduled around your availability. These sessions are held regardless of the weather. Children must be appropriately dressed.

We also accept one child with special needs into each of our regular nature-immersion camp sessions. See our “Camp Terra” page for current schedule. The camps are non-competitive and designed to foster group bonding and positive social integration.

kidsntree“The counselors strike a beautiful balance between allowing my son the space he needs when he gets overwhelmed and encouraging him to participate. James is always excited to go to camp and is sad when the week is over. Camp Terra is a place where my son is liked for who he is – not in spite of his autism. James has a good week at home the week he goes to camp.” -James’ Mom