Sensory Integration Nature Therapy

The Cedarsong Way® is

Sensory Integration Nature Therapy

The Cedarsong Way® is by definition Sensory Integration Nature Therapy. We use the healing properties of unstructured flow time in nature to provide a wellness curriculum designed to deepen relationship with self, nature and family. As a compassion-scaffolded program, all of Cedarsong Nature School’s classes and camps are designed to foster emotional intelligence, mindfulness, empathy and awareness. Additionally, the unstructured free time in nature resonates well with children diagnosed with autism ADHD or sensory processing disorders and it complements the physical, occupational and speech therapy that is commonly prescribed for these children.

Traditional Sensory Integration Therapy is a form of indoor occupational therapy specifically designed to stimulate and challenge all of the senses. During a session, the therapist works closely with the child to encourage movement. The aim of traditional Sensory Integration Therapy is to improve the ability of the brain to process sensory information so that the child will function better in his or her daily activities. 

All of the Cedarsong® programs combine the principles of Sensory Integration Therapy with Nature Immersion by replacing the indoor space with a natural outdoor setting. As we know that children learn best when they are having fun and moving their bodies, everything is taught in the spirit of play and fun! The general premise that regular outdoor time benefits all children’s socio-emotional, physical, and mental well-being is becoming widely accepted. Several promising studies have found that a dose of nature works as well or better than a dose of medication on ADHD-diagosed children’s ability to concentrate. We see many instances of success in our outdoor environment through children’s authentic interaction with nature, and with each other, as they are guided to deal with their unique challenges.

As a program of inclusion, Cedarsong Nature School accepts up to two children diagnosed with high functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and/or ADHD  into all of our regular classes and camps. All Cedarsong Nature School programs are non-competitive and designed to foster group bonding, self-empowerment and positive social integration.

kidsntree“The counselors strike a beautiful balance between allowing my son the space he needs when he gets overwhelmed and encouraging him to participate. James is always excited to go to Camp Terra and is sad when the week is over. Camp Terra is a place where my son is liked for who he is – not in spite of his autism. James has a good week at home the week he goes to camp.” -James’ Mom