cns - ap - may 2010 (3)INFORMATION FOR PARENTS

RULES OF KINDNESS: As naturalists we are committed to inspiring and teaching respect for the earth and all its creatures and this includes modeling and fostering respect for self and for others at all times. We shun competitiveness in favor of cooperative activities, guiding children into co-creative adventures. We have a zero tolerance policy for hitting, grabbing, pushing, name calling, aggressiveness or any other demeaning behavior.

DRESSING APPROPRIATELY: Making sure your child is dressed appropriately for all outdoor play is CRITICAL to the success of our program. We adhere to the motto: There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices. We have on-site cubbies for you to keep a full set of extra clothes. You will need to make sure you dress your children in clothes they can get messy in. In the winter months, we require that all children be dressed in the following clothing: Bogs boots, full Lands End or REI rain gear, two-piece silk or wool long johns, silk or wool sox, Gordini side zip mittens and a hat. Since this is a requirement, we have established a Clothing Fund for families who are in need of financial assistance in purchasing what we refer to as the Cedarsong “uniform”. Alternatively, if your child is enrolled in our program, we can lend you either Bogs boots, Oakiwear rain jacket, and/or a Columbia winter jacket for the school year. You will be required to sign a Use Agreement and return these items at the end of the year.

Remember that this is an entirely-outdoor school. Make sure that you and your child are both okay with that. Remember too that your child may not experience cold in the same way that you do and to resist overdressing them. Send extra clothes and know that we will be very diligent about when to insist they put on more outer wear. Most important, keep YOUR attitude positive about blustery cold rainy days as some of our most fun days have been in this type of weather!

CREATING COMMUNITY: We strive to create a community among the Cedarsong families. To facilitate that, we host several gatherings throughout the year, including our our September Meet and Greet, our annual winter Cedarsong Community FUNdraiser, a January Jubilee Bonfire, a Spring Foraging Nature Walk, our an end-of-the-year Family Cook-out and Camp-out. We also hold Parent-Teacher conferences in January so that you can be informed about your child’s progress. You will receive monthly newsletters throughout the school year detailing the activities your child is engaged in during the month and what they are learning.