Cedarsong® Director and Forest Kindergarten Program developer Erin Kenny is available for speaking engagements, workshops and consultations. Her vibrant and inspirational teaching style leaves any audience excited about this early childhood education model which has been getting national attention in the U.S.

Erin Kenny created and maintains the gold standard forest kindergarten in the U.S., Cedarsong® Nature School, and was the first to open a German-style waldkindergarten or forest kindergarten in the U.S. Through her work, Erin has developed a unique teaching method known as The Cedarsong Way® which is distinguished by its commitment to child-driven flow learning, child-inspired emergent curriculum and inquiry-based teaching. Erin wrote the book “Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way” and also contributed a chapter to David Sobel’s new book “Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens”. Cedarsong produced an hour long  DVD documenting Erin’s work. Erin Kenny and Cedarsong have been featured in many prominent U.S. magazines and news shows including in PEOPLE magazine and ABC News Nightline.

Erin designed the first (and still only) U.S. Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training Certification program six years ago and over 220 teachers have come to Cedarsong to train, from as far away as Australia, S. Korea, Turkey, England, Peru and Canada.

Erin frequently speaks at conferences in the U.S. and Canada and was the keynote speaker at the S. Korean International Forest Kindergarten Symposium in Seoul, S. Korea; the National Nature Pedagogy Conference in Melbourne, Australia; and the International Play Iceland Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland recently. Erin has an international perspective, having observed and experienced forest kindergartens in Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, S. Korea and Iceland.

Erin is available to travel to your location for speaking, teaching or consulting work. Complete details can be found on the Erin Kenny website.

Praise for Erin Kenny and Cedarsong’s Forest Kindergarten

“I appreciate your commitment to bringing the Forest Kindergarten spirit to North America and I’m looking forward to collaborating with you in this work”: David Sobel, Senior Faculty, Education Department, Antioch University New England and author of many books on outdoor education, including the seminal Place-Based Education

“I am so glad you wrote this book. It really is a life-based curriculum. I admire your work!”: Mary Rivkin, PhD., Faculty, UMBC, and author of The Great Outdoors: Restoring Children’s Right to Play Outside

 “The word ‘Freedom’ resonated with me when I visited Cedarsong”: Claire Warden, Global Educational Consultant and author of Nature Kindergartens

“Erin, indeed you have set the Gold Standard!”: Paul Roberts, LEED AP, Co-Founder Global Collaborative On Design for Children and Director of John Muir Adventure Preschool

Erin can speak on a wide range of topics concerning connecting young children with nature through authentic immersion experiences. Workshop presentation topic choices include:

*”Nature Pedagogy: The Cedarsong Way”

*”Forest Kindergartens: An Important Early Childhood Education Model

*”Building Intimate Relationship with Nature through the Forest Kindergarten model”

*”How Nature Immersion Benefits Children with Sensory Processing Issues, Autism and ADHD

*”The Benefits of  Exposure to Risk in Outdoor Play and Identification of Hazards”

*”The Value of Play

*Nature Deficit Disorder

*“Forest Kindergarten is Natural Science for Pre-K

*”Get Outside and Play with Your Child!

*”Therapeutic Nature Immersion

Erin can custom tailor any of her keynote presentations or workshops to your audiences’ interests.